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Capital Equipment

Eagle Eye offers a wide selection of capital equipment from trucks and trailers to steel buildings and information technology systems. Our team of procurement professionals work with our extensive network of manufacturers and vendors to procure the unique equipment systems required by our customer’s project specifications and schedules.


Our world class team of manufacturer and vendor partners provide equipment that service commercial, multifamily, hospitality, healthcare and government projects across the United States. These partners are meticulously selected to ensure a comprehensive line of quality products to service our extensive group of customers.

Our featured capital equipment includes:

  • Trucks, box trucks, boom trucks, flatbed trucks

  • Truss trailers and flatbed trailers

  • Forklifts, loaders and excavators

  • Truck and forklift tires

  • Steel buildings

  • Racking and storage systems

  • Information technology and computer systems

For more information and ordering, contact us today at or talk to a procurement rep at 888-852-8790.

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